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.It has been way too long since I updated this site.  I am in the process of finding a better way to keep things updated but for now I will show you what has been happening and what has been published this year

Bigass Squirrels - Patrick MacAdoo

Dead Men Tell No Tales - The Full Tale - Jeffrey Kosh

The Drawing of the Siblings - Christopher Harris




SANTA IS COMING!  Lets Write him a Letter!!

I am doing a fun project for Christmas…it is called Dear Santa.  I want you to write a Dear Santa letter from…a zombie, or a ghoul, or a vampire, or ghost, or Godzilla, or Jason etc.  What would The Boogey Man ask Santa for?  Send your letters to by December 20th 2012.  All will be accepted and will be put into a free ebook for Christmas.  If we get enough submissions I will make it into a paperback and will donate proceeds to feed the hungry.  Hurry now, you can send as many in as you want.  Get your neighbors to send them in, get THEIR neighbors to send one in.  Let’s make this a fun project!


Here is a sneek peek at the cover for Zombie Lockdown anthology






Here is the FULL cover for Realms of the Undead…available on Amazon October 1st.

TOC for Midnight Movie Creature Feature 2…
Laurel Wistian and the Adventure of the Dangerous Mice of Dr. Mortimus Alexander Fitzbottom, PhD, AlcD by Eric Jepson,
Barry the Basement Bear by Stuart Conover,
The Wrigglers by Chantal Boudreau,
Piggyback by Matt Kurtz,
Trailer Trash Zombies by Elizabeth Black,
Eater by Tom Ribas,
Palmetto by Suzi M,
The Blood Red Ruby by Alan Lewis,
How Do You Do It, Mr. Sullivan by Jill Behe,
They came from somewhere: The little people by Elsa Carruthers,
and Zachary Taylor the best of all time by Jay Wilburn.
Congrats to you all and welcome to the MDP family!
Our newest additions to the MDP family:  Coming Soon!
The Godessess of Lilith
 Zomblog Snoe
Spiders now available on Kindle and in Paperback


Fresh Blood – now available on Kindle and in paperback
August 11, 2012

We need your help! Todd is doing Nanowrimo this month and taking donations for the rest of the weekend and only needs 200.00 more dollars to reach his goal of 500.00 donated to Nanowrimo Dead for a Cause…the first prize for the most donations is a laptop word processor that he will be giving away as appreciation to a randomly drawn winner of teh group that has donated. He is so close, wont you help out? Also, all donors will receive the DEAD: Special Edition Compendium valued at 10.00 whether you donate 1.00 or 100.00 dollars. Now is your time to shine!


August 11, 2012

DEAD: The Special Edition Compendium is now available on so all of you kindle people – and now all the nookies and others – can come read the whole first trilogy of the DEAD books in one place…

This is a compilation of the first three books in the DEAD series: DEAD: The Ugly Beginning, DEAD: Revelations, andDEAD: Fortunes & Failures. Each book also contains close to 10,000 words of additional material requested by YOU…the readers! This special edition allows you to sink into a DEAD world with your favorite people and not be “distracted” by those long absences as other stories intrude and get in the way.


August 6, 2012

You know you think about it. Maybe you believe that the Mayans are right, and December of 2012 will be some sort of DOOMSDAY!  Or maybe you read those zombie novels and watch all those movies and television programs and think, “I could make it.”

So where are you going to get your food? The stores are all closed and are you really capable of surviving off the land? More than likely you will pluck the wrong plant and end up doubled over waiting for death in a most unpleasant way. Well your worries are over…
You hold in your hands the answer to survival in a post-apocalyptic world. And hey…food is power in a scenario like that…you might just be king or queen. All shall bow to your wisdom and build monuments in your name because YOU HAVE THE FOOD!
Pick it up now on Smashwords - and now on  Amazon
Here are pics of a chef at work on one of the recipes in the book…
August 3, 2012
FRESH BLOOD is now available at Smashwords  and on Amazon.  And is availble in PAPERBACK as well.
August 1, 2012
We have decided to change the name of the anthology from New Blood – to Fresh Blood…
After doing an amazon search for New Blood we found out that it is plentiful and we fear that our anthology may be lost in the shuffle.  So, to ensure that our authors are more visible, we have changed the name.
July 26, 2012

And now, to announce the TOC to SPIDERS anthology!

Wesley Dylan Gray – A Clockwork Web
Christine Morgan – Fate Spinners
Wednesday lee Friday – Mister’s House
Jaime Johnesee – Living Nightmares
Shenoa Carrol-Bradd – The Spiders ( or how I’ve been since you left)
T Fox Dunham – Offspring
James Greer – The Hole
David James Keaton – The Ball Pit
Heather Roulo – The Golden Rule
Heidi Mannan – The Rules of Magic
Anthony Cowin – Exit Bags
Chris Bauer – Her Kind
Chad Brown – The Writing in the Web

Congratulations to you all and welcome to the MDP family!!

The Book of Joseph
Now available on
During the final stages of construction of the stadium in London, England, an ancient text written by the husband of The Virgin Mary is discovered. Christians around the world rejoice as rival religions defend their dogmas in the face of miraculous events ascribed to the Holy Trinity. Tens of thousands of people around the world are bestowed with a divine blessing to recite their lineage directly to one of the twelve disciples. The Catholic Church reacts and tries to control the facts as other world leaders struggle to take action that would benefit their own positions. The text, quickly named “The Book of Joseph” sends shock waves around the globe. In the backdrop of the Olympics and the world harmony they instill, God unleashes His wrath upon mankind as promised in the Book of Revelations and does so unlike any theological prediction. For only a few ho heed the dire warnings is there peace; for the rest… May God have mercy on their souls.
Here is our TENTATIVE upcoming schedule:

Book of Joseph by Erik Rise (july)

Elena by Duncan Lloyd (july/aug)

Fresh Blood Vol 1 anthology  (july/aug)

post apocalypse cookbook (july/aug)

SPIDERS anthology (aug)

“Goddesses of Lilith” by Tracy Ford (aug)

Exo-terrestials by TW Brown (sept)

Transcendence by Chantal Boudreau (sept)

Agape by Bennie Newsome (sept)

Realms of the Undead  anthology (sept)

Midnight  Movie Creature Feature 2 anthology (oct)

Zomblog 4 – Snoe’s story by TW Brown(oct)

Around the Campfire with Aunt Chantal by Chantal Boudreau (oct)

Around the Campfire with Uncle Tony by Tony Mazzara(oct)

The Ghosts of DC anthology (oct)

The Drawing of the Siblings – Book one in the Vhamnyr Trilogy by Chris Logan (oct)

steampunk novel (nov)

Dakota 2 by Todd Brown (nov)

Prisoners of Fate by Chantal Boudreau (nov)

Zombie Lockdown anthology (dec)

Highway To Hell by Alex Laybourne (dec)

DEAD: Siege & Survival by TW Brown(dec)

I would like to announce the TOC for Fresh Blood vol1…
Peter Bailey – 240V,
Pete Clark- Ashen,
Patrick Evans- Bedbugs,
Juliana Rew – Braces,
Susanne Martin – Basement Suite,
Yasmin Elbaradie – Night Visitors,
Damian Newton – Passion,
Jennifer Muraca – Scene Girl,
Jannie Lund – Sleep, My Sweet, Forever,
and Darryl Pierce – The Longest Mile.
Congrats to all of you for making it into the anthology and being a part of the MDP family.






Chantal Boudreau has done it again!  Book 2 of the Masters and Renegades series is now available.

 Purchase your copy from Amazon HERE

When Reid Blake opened his Renegade magic academy in Anthis, the city neighbouring Magic University, he knew it would cause conflict – but he didn’t realize it would result in an all-out war. After some of his opponents stooped to the dirtiest of tactics, Reid now finds himself in a life-or-death situation with only a trio of inexperienced youths and a couple of old friends to help him. Will they succeed in reaching the cure they need in time, one at the end of a path fraught with danger, or are the students and faculty of the magic academy doomed?







Check out our newest anthology – A Clockwork Orchard: Rivets & Rain.   You can purchase it from Amazon HERE

Step inside the laboratory… Alternate realities where science and technology come alive has been the trademark of the genre known as steampunk. Tales of mechanical creatures and skies filled with airships sweep you up and take the reader to worlds that are just a bit different from our own…yet, somehow they seem strangely familiar. Steampunk is more than clockwork creatures and mad scientists. It is an elegant tale told with a deft touch by some of the most creative minds in fiction. Suspend your boundaries of belief and enter: A Clockwork Orchard.








Winter is coming…

As survivors around the world struggle to get their feet under them in a world overrun by the walking dead, a new problem rears its head. As unstoppable as any horde of zombies, the seasons march on, heedless of the fragility of the human race.
The first winter is approaching.
Up in the mountains of northeastern Oregon, Steve’s band settles in but discover something so horrible that it may destroy them before the weather has a chance.
Kevin faces ghosts from his past while struggling to maintain unity among his people.
In other parts of this dead world, a team of scientists struggle to devise a cure…
A new pharaoh rises in Egypt…
Chad learns he will do anything to keep his daughter safe…
Juan struggles with the demons of his past that tell him he is unfit to lead…or love…
A military unit tries to restore order at any cost…
Dead: Winter



The TOC for our Steampunk Anthology – A Clockworks Orchard: Rivets and Rain…Michael Seese,  Never Mind The Nonsense, Here’s The Sex Truncheons – Paul Boulet, Skymanned City – Mark Jones, Running Out of Steam – Adam Millard, A Clockwork Orang(utan) – Dorothy Reede, A Demonstration of Loyalty – McAbee Gail, Sheriff Holt and the Purple Stagecoach Mystery – Bob Lock, Il Risorgimento – T Fox Dunham, Ragtime Ascension- Christopher Eger, The Assassins Assassin – and Jill Watts, Feast of Souls.  Congratulations to all of you that have made it in :)

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The Special Editions of the DEAD series are now available on Amazon

This is a compilation of the first three books in the DEAD series: DEAD: The Ugly Beginning, DEAD: Revelations, andDEAD: Fortunes & Failures. Each book also contains close to 10,000 words of additional material requested by YOU…the readers! This special edition allows you to sink into a DEAD world with your favorite people and not be “distracted” by those long absences as other stories intrude and get in the way.

DEAD:Steve’s Story


DEAD: The Geeks 


DEAD: Vignettes



You can also pick up the DEAD: Special Edition Compendium

This is a compilation of the three SPECIAL EDITIONS of the DEAD series. This special edition compendium allows you to sink into a DEAD world with your favorite people and not be “distracted” by those long absences as other stories intrude and get in the way.  All three books combined at over 320,000 words.









PICK UP A COPY OF “In The Arms of Nightmares” on Amazon..HERE


Behind the black and white snapshots of VE-Day celebrations and after the roar of the swinging trumpets dies down, a madman hunts his prey. Arthur Reilly hears jazz when he kills. Bebop is his sound of murder. He sees souls exit bodies and can speak to them. Louie Armstrong, the sparkling voice of God. Miles Davis is the blue-toned growl of the devil. After being visited by a murderous angel, Arthur is set on a path of destruction with one goal in mind: get out of town and go where passion birthed music and murder, the one place that will set his soul free: New Orleans, The City of the Dead. Until then, his life is a mess. His drinking is out of hand. Chloe, the dead French girl, continues to haunt him. Arthur’s mind is an abstract gallery of death and music—but where deviance reigns, his genius is awakened. However, as head chef at the best restaurant in town, it’s hard to keep out of the bright lights of high society—and it’s even harder to kill unnoticed.


How about First Time Dead 1 – 2 – and 3?


TOC for First Time Dead vol 3 – not in any order -

Joanna Parypinski – Anthem of the Damned,

Jeffrey McDonald – The Bittersweet Revenge of Coney Island’s Jack Blast,

Susan Burdorf – Catfish Aint Brain Food,

Christina Gavi – Nina,

PJ Ruce – Taylor’s Predicament,

Jack Flynn – Twinkle Twinkle,

Graeme Edwardson – Wake Up Daddy,

Sybil Wilen – Zombie Love,

David Antrobus – Unquiet Slumbers,

David Shadrick – The Revenant,

Xavier Axelson – Cravings,

John Page – Graceland,

and Jason Bailey -No Zombie Fat Chicks.

Congratulations to all of you that made it in!



You will find that we have extended some deadlines for our anthologies, as well as adding payment information for each one.  Please take some time to look them over and PLEASE read the guidelines if you decide to submit to one or all of them, and follow them.




our steampunk anthology ‘A Clockwork Orchard: Rivets and Rain‘ has now closed for submissions and will be sent out to our scoring team before chosing the TOC


Name This Anthology:

We need a name for our Steampunk anthology coming out in 2012. Here is the contest! You chose a name and if we pick the name you chose, you not only get a free copy of the anthology when it is released but you also get to write the forward to it! Come on people, name this anthology!



TOC for Wake The Witch – a charitable anthology: not in any order

1 Chantal Boudreau Witch Vanity
2 Kristi Petersen Schoonover : Wheather Girl
3 David Landrum : The Conduit
4 CW LaSart : A Wise Womans Revenge
5 Ken Goldman : Mercy Hathaway is a Witch
6 Adam Millard : The Witching Well Hag
7 Elizabeth Butler : of cucumbers and curses
8 Marius Dicomites : Born Again
9 Bennie Newsome : Generational Curse
10 Michael Frissore : Trevor Talks
11 Walter Campbell : You next appointment
12 Mark Jones : The Strange Case of Melinda P. Zinnecker
13 DA Chaney : Homocidal
14 Geoffrey Crescent : 360 Degrees




New TOC for Vampires Aren’t Pretty

1  Gail McAbee                           Tempest in a Sewer

2 RB Clague                                 Critique

3 David Landrum                     Julian

4 Jeremiah Coe                        Deaths Eager Bride

5 Chantal Boudreau               Don’t Feed The…

6 John Lemut                            The Suckiest Bunch of Sucks

7 Mark Jones                            The Shifter

8 William Greer                         Blood and Soil

9 Greg Austin                             vampire ritual

10 David Perlmutter               Vampires of Winnipeg

11 Gary Mosca                           Extreme Helsing

12 Mary Parker                         dark carnival

13 Michelle John                   Good Vampires


Congrats to all!


Name This Anthology:
We need a name for our Steampunk anthology coming out in 2012. Here is the contest! You chose a name and if we pick the name you chose, you not only get a free copy of the anthology when it is released but you also get to write the forward to it! Come on people, name this anthology!


Anthologies coming up later this year and in 2012:
First Time Dead vol 3 subs close in December, a steampunk anthology will close in February, New Blood vol 1 closes in April, Realms of the Undead closes in June, Midnight Movie Creature Feature vol 2 closes in August. They are open now but I will be putting them all up with details soon!


Here is the TOC for our anthology ZERO

1 Patrick Shand     –      The Morning Show Host

2 Bennie Newsome      -      the Zombie Curse

3 Suzanne Robb          -         Termination Papers

4 Nathaniel Phillips     –         The Scientific Method

5 Aaron Garrison         –        William

6 Chantal Boudreau       –       Escarg-0

7 Christopher Beck      -        Quietus


Congrats to you all!!


TOC for Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys

Aaron Garrison Chinked
Matthew W Williamson 30 Minutes or Less
Chantal Boudreay Silence in the Court
Harley Pitts Abraham of Harlon
Adam Millard The Caged Doll
Rebecca Snow Candy Apple Red
Bennie L Newsome Detour
Joe DiBuduo and Kate Robinson The Yellow House
Ian Brazee-Cannon All Things Being Equal
John Lemut Red Badge
Suzanne Robb Feeding the Hunger
Holly Day Dear Susan
Nichloas Conley Rat Man
Joseph Schwartz Eighteen
TOC for Midnight Movie Creature Feature
Jim Silvestry A Golem in Oz
Chantell Boudreau The Lure
David Perlmuter A Zinger Must Die
Terry Alexander The Pit
Tom Ribas The Spine Tingling Tale of the Crystal Golem
Anthony Bell Just the Two of Us
Eric Dimbleby The Fish Boy
Aaron Dries And the Dark Growls Back
Kelley Kombrinck Visitor
Bennie Newsome Frightening Cliches
Ryan Hillis Dead Planet
Joseph A. Polega Hayride
Carl Barker Fish Out of Water
M.W.Williamson From Rebirth to Reburial
MJ Wesolowski North
Craig Wallwork Revenge of the Zombie Pussy Eater
D K Mok Keeping It Together


I will be working on updates to the website to show all the books now available from May Dec Pub.  Please excuse any inconveniences.

Say Goodnight anthology closes on June 1st 2011 as well as Midnight Movie Creature Feature – Get your stories in!!



Now for the Males!  Here is the TOC for Chivalry is Dead!  Congrats to all the men who made it into this anthology – so many stories were worth accepting but we only had room for 13.

You guys ROCK!



Bennie Newsome Summer Assignment
Dwight Allen Cistern
Michael J Evans Mutation
Mathew Munson The Life and Times of a Zombie
Jerry Enni Saving Mirabel
Chad Rohrbacher Camp victory
Andrew Black Damsel in Distress
Wesley Dylan Gray Lay to Rest
Stephen Hill Changing Channels
Aaron Garrison The Gift
Derek Ivan Webster Something Between the Teeth
Ryan Neil Falcone Last Supper
Tom Yde Respect for the Dead



Hell is about to freeze over!  I now announce the TOC to Hell Hath No Fury…our all female zombie anthology.  Congrats to all that have gone to Hell.

  1. Sliding into Second by Elsa Carruthers
  2. Chick Magnet by Tonia Brown
  3. Waking the Dead by Chantal Boudreau
  4. Cranial Rewire by DA Chaney
  5. Population: Zombie by Candace Gleave
  6. The Petitioners by Rebecca Lloyd
  7. Snowcombe by Emma Tett
  8. The Candidates by Jordan Deen
  9. Pieces by Rebecca Snow
  10. Tips by Dina Leacock
  11. The Baseball Bat and the Axe by Hanna Masaryk
  12. Love Stinks by Stacey Longo
  13. Zombie Love Song by Jennifer Provost


Now introducing our new e-Lit line of ebooks on Smashwords – if you have aq horror story that you would like to submit, see our submission page for details


Zomblog II is now available  on and in ereader format at

Pick up your copy today






Looking at our 2011 schedule we have 2 more spots available for novel submissions. We may be able to add 1 or 2 more if time allows.   Please send your queries to queries at maydecemberpublications dot com.  If we like it we will ask for the first 50 pages.  If we are still interested we will ask for the whole manuscript.  When sending in your manuscript, please send a solid, clean manuscript with a well-thought out, well-researched and well-written story, presented in a package formatted to our specifications. If you do not have a story written to send in the full manuscript, don’t query until you do.  There is nothing more frustrating than to ask for the full manuscript only to find it isn’t written yet


The TOC for First Time Dead Vol 1 and 2

Volume 1

Megan Tregler Hello Again
Andrew Stockton Twisted Words
Sam Christopher Everything I Know About Zombies I Learned from Watching Star Trek
Dillon Cox Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chantal Boudreau Just Another Day
Martin Milhomme Inland
Rebecca Snow He’s not Heavy
Dave Minyard As I Watch Her Walk Away
Bryan Vogt Things Worse than Death
Lisa Conger Death by Dad
Michael J. Evans Forgive Me, Father, For I Have. . . Burp
John Lemut The Overpass

Volume 2

Ron Harris In This House
DA Chaney Zombie Bites
Mathew Davis Ooky
Joe Blevins Once More without Feelings
Donny Chavez Snow Days
Alexandro Rios Zombies in Puerto Rico: Island of the Dead
Amanda Larson The Last Legacy
Eric Pollarine The Mission
Jason Thacker The Hungriest Zombie
David Maynard Rude Awakening
Aaron Phillips Zombie by Night
Gregory A. Carter What the Cat Dragged In


Due to an overwhelming response of quality material, and in order to get as many of these new authors exposure they deserve, MDP is pleased to announce that First Time Dead as a two volume anthology.


We have a lot of anthologies going on so I thought I would list them here

Eye Witness:Zombie is now available on Amazon

First Time Dead will be closing soon and will be available for sale in February

Color Me Zombie charitable coloring book is open for submission and will be available for sale in April with all proceeds going to the CCA

Hell Hath No Fury – women only zombie anthology is open for submission and will be available for sale in May for Mothers Day

Chivalry is Dead – men only zombie anthology is open for submission and will be available for sale in June for Fathers Day

Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy – no monsters – Bad guy wins – is open for submission and will be available for sale in July

Zero is about the very first person who contracted the virus iis open for submission and will be available for sale in July

Four in the Hole is a paid anthology of either zombie or vampire and is open for submission and will be available for sale in September

Midnight Movie: Creature Feature is open for submission and will be available for sale in October

Vampires AREN’T Pretty is a NON Twilight vampire anthology and is open for submission and will be available for sale in November.

For more information on submissions go to the submission page or contact us at


I am happy to say that Monstermatt’s Bad Monster Joke Book Vol 1 is now available at createspace and will soon be available on Amazon.  It is early due to the hard work and diligence of both Matt and Kyle and a lot of work from my wife Denise but I think it turned out great.  Check it out and get a few.  Perfect bad jokes for all ages for all reasons – even if it is just to color some of the great drawings done by Kyle.


Received my proof of Eye Witness: Zombie and it really looks good.  I am now waiting on my shipment so I can put together a nice package for the wonderful authors that contributed to it so that they know just how pleased I am with what they have done.  You will always be my first and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  What I put in this package to you may not be much but it is full of love and thanks from the bottom of my heart.  May this be but the first of many anthologies to come out of May Dec Pub!


Open Anthologies

First Time Dead for those who have never been published before…deadline Oct 15th

Hell Hath No Fury…Our all female zombie anthology – deadline Jan 15

Chivalry is Dead zombie anthology for the men this time -deadline Feb 1

Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy – deadline April 1

Four in the Hole -deadline  May 15

Midnight Movie: Creature Feature – deadline  June 1


New book waiting to come out under the MDP banner…We are proud to announce Monstermatts Monster Joke Book Vol 1 will be out in October 2010!  It looks awesome!


Open Anthologies!  First Time Dead for those who have never been published before…

Hell Hath No Fury…Our all female zombie anthology

Chivalry is Dead zombie anthology for the men this time


EyeWitness:Zombie TOC

MDP proudly announces the final roster of its new anthology EWZ .  Thank you for everyone who contributed whether you were accepted or not.

1 Tonia Brown Doomsday Ramblings
2 Patrick D’Orazio A Soldiers Lament
3 William Wood Childish Things
4 Lyle Perez Dead of Old
5 Kris Ashton Mere Symptoms of Living
6 Brad Zipprich Hunt Through the Night
7 Stephanie Kincaid All In Your Head
8 Billy Lederman The Nightmare
9 Tony Monchinski Run Through the Jungle
10 Nikki Sedlock Dredge
11 Mike Harrison One Nation Undead
12 John McCuaig Eye in the Sky
13 Andrew Black Embedded
14 Sean Hoade Dead Man’s Hand; Or, Reviva Las Vegas!
15 Ron Harris Baby Killer

Dead: The Ugly Beginning is now on sale!  You can purchase yours here!  Log onto PayPal and send 15.95 (plus shipping and handling)  to and be sure to leave your name and address and I will send you a copy now.

New Anthologies are open for submissions.  Check out the guidelines on the submissions page